Wootbands.com - Changing the Wristband Industry Through Customization

Dreamer: Clinton French

Business: Wootbands

Location: Clive, IA

Industry Contest: DMACC Business Resources 2013

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Wootbands is an innovative business that manufactures silicone wristbands with detachable customized buttons. We are submitting our application because we feel that improvements can be made to our current design to better serve our customers. With a regional grant, we would look to hire an engineer to help with designing the new and improved product, along with seeking help to build a strategy to market Wootbands across the state of Iowa.

Our focus at Wootbands is to offer a new and improved wristband product that changes the wristband industry through customization. Our ability to offer our product without minimum order requirements has opened many doors with organizations, families and individuals. Also, we have partnered with countless charities, youth programs and local Des Moines High Schools to offer customized Wootbands displaying their organization's logos to help in their fundraising efforts. In addition, we have also partnered with the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, Drake University and the University of Northern Iowa to offer officially licensed collegiate Wootbands for college students, fans and supporters.

We have big dreams for our business and we look forward to this opportunity to get one step closer to achieving that dream!