What if I told you that you could have it all? Money, time, and togetherness...Guess what? You CAN!

Dreamer: Tracy Freese

Business: Strong Estate LLC

Location: Dike, IA

Industry Contest: Cedar Valley 2013

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Would you agree with me if I told you fake breasts are not as attractive as a used minivan? Society as we know it probably wouldn’t have a difficult time choosing large breasts. BUT, sometimes society needs a little help. That’s where we come in. Large breasts may be appealing in the short-term, but that minivan starts looking pretty good down the road, ahem, no pun intended. We here at Strong Estate LLC have developed the ATTRACTIVE LENS©, which is a digital app that will lead users down a path to long-term wealth, health, and happiness through sound short-term financial decision making.

**check out extended videos on YouTube!

Strong Estate LLC’s big dream is to create a snazzy downloadable digital app that makes financial decision making, EASY! Dealing with finances and having financial awareness is important, but often stress-inducing and confusing so we’re here to take the stress and confusion out of the process, while injecting a dose of simplicity into the equation.

The ATTRACTIVE LENS© digital application will work as a companion to our minimalist ecosystem, www.homeofwealth.com. The application will walk users through a series of friendly and funny steps intended to develop a wealthyfaceted© answer to any question or situation they face. Wealthyfaceted© is a concept created by Strong Estate LLC that does not strictly equate more money with more wealth and instead takes into account all aspects of a healthy daily life. Things like togetherness and comfort also lead to wealth accumulation in an emotional sense. Small, seemingly insignificant daily decisions lead to a lifetime of wealth or struggle, this app will allow users to recognize their behaviors and perhaps make changes.

Uncovering how advertising and marketing affects human behavior is a challenge, this application will simplify the process. When all of your friends have the newest IPhone and are telling you how great it is, along with television, Internet, radio, Twitter, Facebook...and the other 3,000 marketing messages we receive daily, how can you possibly hear that timid internal voice saying "But the IPhone I have is doing just fine why do I need this? Are there alternatives? Could this money be spent elsewhere? What was that I just read about Apple's factory safety...? This app can help make your internal voice louder, which may then propel you toward more rational and informed financial decisions.

The application would be available for download on www.homeofwealth.com along with various digital media outlets such as the Google Play Store and we would like to obtain bids from various web design firms on how they would bring it to life. The application will use polar opposite terms and slide bars to move through a set of questions which will equate to a weighted average. The weighted average then moves along the wealthyfaceted© continuum ranging from “thin air” to an “enricher.” The user will get a rating and not have to deal with the headache of numbers. The proprietary algorithm was created by Tracy Freese through accepted financial planning principles and net worth models. A patent is pending.

In addition to the application, a companion EBook will also be available for download on www.homeofwealth.com. This EBook will explain all aspects of the digital application and how it can benefit a user’s everyday life. Minimalist thought process encourages uncluttering, shunning possessions, and placing charity above profit. We are creating a digital application that adheres to the idea that people will benefit from rethinking the way they currently evaluate what is attractive and what is prudent in their everyday financial lives.

It is also important to note that Strong Estate LLC plans to work with local businesses and individuals in the Cedar Valley region. Money given to Strong Estate LLC would then be recirculated into our local community and help economic growth right here at home. Grant money for Strong Estate is money for the community, plain and simple. We buy local and we support local.
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