Dreaming Big in Creston,IA

Dreamer: Christy Whited

Business: Upper Crust Culinary Creations

Location: Creston, IA

Industry Contest: South Central Iowa 2013

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Upper Crust Culinary Creations is a boutique bakery located in uptown Creston, Ia. In business just over 2 years, we are ready to expand to the next step in our business plan and offer frozen meals and desserts to go. The grant money would be used to: 1. Replace a 1960's style freezer (that currently has the door held closed with a ratchet strap) with 2 larger more energy efficient freezers. 2.Purchase a refrigerated display case that is more suited to our needs than the generic jewelry display case that we currently use.
We feel there is a need to provide healthier dinner options in today's fast paced economy. Our frozen meals-to-go offer a quick, easy and healthier alternative - perfect for the time starved family. Our made from scratch, wholesome dinners can be baking while you are reviewing homework ,preparing for the following day ,or balancing the checkbook.