Expand our production volumes and equipment to allow us to move forward in the craft beer market.

Dreamer: Roger Brown

Business: Iowa River Brewing Company, Inc.

Location: Marshalltown, IA

Industry Contest: Innovation Gateway 2013

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The Iowa River Brewing Company is a new microbrewery that has already seen growth in our first year. The brewery will produces small batches of craft beer with an emphasis on refining beer recipes and brewing various styles of beer. At this time we have brewed over 102 different beers this year and are ready to begin bottling our beer. The brewery location has a tasting room for customers to try the beers and purchase the beer for carry out in growlers currently. A unique component of our business model is to take advantage of the flexibility of a small craft brewery to also offer private label beers. Private label customers can work with the brewmaster to create their own beer or choose one of Iowa River Brewing's beers for private labeling for their special event or business.

Throughout the remodeling, we have focused on re-purposing and recycling materials. We reused 2x4's from walls taken out for the framing of an additional bathroom. Several of the tables and the bar are made of angle iron from a corn crib and repurposed 100-year-old telephone poles and barn wood. Design materials also include corrugated steel, salvaged granite, and antiques.

Our first phase was to complete remodeling and begin to test equipment and beers and to open to the public to taste our products. We have already started the second phase of standard production of beers and are ready for phase 3. Phase 3 will be production of beer for consumers outside of our location (restaurants, bars, bottles for distribution, private labeling).

To continue our mission to repurpose materials, we will be working with local farmers to use our processed grains for cattle feed and with local bakeries to make products from our beer yeast.

We are applying for this grant to help our business grow. The Iowa River Brewing Company would use the grant money from Dream Big Grow Here to purchase larger equipment to be used in the brewing process, which will allow us to reach Phase 3 of our business plan, which is production of beer for consumers outside our location. Our business is located in central Iowa and our intention is to grow here. Larger equipment would help us expand production and minimize cycle times allowing us to market our products outside of the brewery. The grant would help our business reach its goals, add jobs, and become a thriving business in central Iowa.
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