After Hours Archery - Aiming to hit a bullseye in Iowa's Outdoors Industry

Dreamer: Jeff Greenhalgh

Business: After Hours Archery

Location: Oskaloosa, IA

Industry Contest: Innovation Gateway 2013

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After Hours Archery, located in the heart of Iowa and the nation’s best hunting country, is opening to provide a full-service archery shop and indoor shooting range. We plan to offer instruction and mentoring to those who flock here during various hunting seasons.

After Hours is the dream business of Jeff, Jesse and Bill Greenhalgh/Goodman, all experienced bow hunters. We are dedicated to the mission of providing a place where people can truly reconnect with nature and each other, and take pleasure in the sport away from the hustle and bustle world.

Custom fitting and ‘tuning’ the equipment to the individual is what sets After Hours apart. Proper fitting ensures peak performance in precision and accuracy, no matter the skill set of the archer.

Hunting is big business in Iowa, bringing in over a quarter of a million hunters annually, and contributing $360 million to the economy. Archery, in existence since the dawn of time, has never been more popular. Nearly 19 million people in the US are involved in archery, either target shooting, bowhunting or both, according to a 2012-13 survey conducted by the Archery Trade Association.

After Hours Archery is stepping up to fill an important niche in our region and in Iowa, as the survey shows that nearly half of archers live in the rural Midwest and participate with family or friends.
A third of participants are women and the fastest growing segment of the bowhunting market is young men. Arrow sales jumped by 40% and hit all-time high in the second half of 2012.

If we are successful, we will use the funds, along with our collective expertise in project planning, construction and carpentry to complete construction of our building. Additionally, we’ll use Bill’s expertise in marketing to help make After Hours Archery a destination store and full-service center prepared to outfit the most experienced archers with:
six 20 yd, 4-ft. shooting lanes;
a 10-yd. private range for young or training archers;
a 3D virtual range to practice ethical shot scenarios; and,
all ranges surrounded by lounge areas and big screen TVs.

Growing up in Iowa we learned about ethics, responsibility, honor, integrity and concern for conservation. Through After Hours Archery, we are committed to creating a space where families and friends can come to have fun, while promoting ethical and successful bowhunting and stewardship of our natural resources for the next generation of hunters.
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