Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle--Campbell Tree Service Ltd

Dreamer: Rocky Campbell

Business: Campbell Tree Service

Location: Spencer, IA

Industry Contest: Iowa Lakes Corridor 2013

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Many small town tree disposal sites have been closed either due to the costs to keep one open or the environmental impacts they can cause. Some larger tree waste disposal sites are in the process of closing down. This is where Campbell Tree Service has been concentrating most of their efforts by implementing a tree and leaf waste recycling plan. One of our preliminary items we need to make this recycling plan a reality is a sizable wood chipper shredder. This is the most important part of the recycling plan. This allows all tree and leaf waste to be more easily manageable and cost effective to transport to the mill for recycling. With the continued support of local communities and continued growth Campbell Tree service can be the premier wood, tree and leaf waste recycler of North West Iowa. Please vote for Campbell Tree Service so they can continue with this dream to help local communities grow, reduce biomass waste that consumes landfills and eliminate the environmental impact current tree and leaf waste disposal sites have. Here at Campbell Tree Service Ltd, we have been servicing Northwest Iowa for over thirty years as a professional tree and stump removal Company. We are located in Spencer, Iowa. We also offer tree trimming services. At Campbell Tree Service, you get quality work at affordable rates. Free Estimates. Tree Removal, tree trimming, Stump removal, Crane and boom work. We also have 24/7 emergency service. We currently have three full time employees. With the support of the local communities Campbell Tree Service is growing. Along with this growth we have been researching ways to help the environment by eliminating tree waste that goes to landfills. We are actively researching multiple avenues of recycling this tree and leaf waste. With our efforts we will be able to turn this waste product into a useable Biomass fuel or an ecofriendly byproduct ready for the consumer to use. Thank you!