We Cane Bake It! Welcome to the Quad Cities shared use commissary kitchen.

Dreamer: Katie Geesey

Business: My Girls Cake Shop

Location: Davenport, IA

Industry Contest: Quad Cities 2013

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Most of us love food. Right?

My name is Katie I am a graduate of the French Pastry School of Chicago. I have a cake business named My Girls Cake Shop. We create cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops for all occasions. I would like to expand the business to more than just cake, in order to do that we need a commercial kitchen. So, we are asking anyone who eats food to help us get a commercial kitchen.

This kitchen will be used as a commissary kitchen. That means chefs from around the Quad Cities will be able to rent the facility enabling them to create food that they couldn’t otherwise, due to strict health codes and regulations. This is a great opportunity for the Quad Cities area. We live close to Chicago but not close enough to enjoy the fantastic food in a short amount of time. We need a space, equipment, and licensing. You can help more than one business flourish by voting for us. This will help catering businesses, cake designers, private chefs, food trucks etc. It is very costly to start a commercial kitchen from scratch. This is why we are asking for your help! Vote for us! You will be able to taste what you helped us achieve.
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