Personality-Ville: books, games, online personality tests & annual Iowa Festival -- Kids to Adults

Dreamer: Kimberly West

Business: Personality-Ville

Location: Mason City, IA

Industry Contest: North Iowa 2013

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Help Personality-Ville® start a revolution! Personality-Ville is a personality style kingdom with multiple products of books, games, online tests and more, all by using illustrated Kingdom Crests of the four temperaments. Speakers, trainers, counselors, teachers & people of all ages from around the globe, celebrate ALL personalities!

For business, education, fund-raising, and personal use.

Place online orders for unique, fun, and meaningful Christmas presents!

Treasure Map to Life! (Scroll to the bottom for fun video & pictures)

Once upon a time, from a land far, far away, came a magical song that flew on the winds over an Iowa field of dreams…

The song came in four-part harmony and became the most unique, fun and flexible program on personality styles that was ever made.

Let's start a revolution that celebrates ALL personality styles! Be a part of something exciting, fun, and meaningful! Let's spotlight the leaders and all the people who sing "harmony"!

It’s like a Renaissance Fair meets Myers-Briggs or DISC personalities.

Each kingdom has a center Royal Court that is governed by a musical tempo. They all live by The Harmony Habit—“Like a song of 4 part harmony each kingdom tempo is needed.”

A set of colorful, fun images and creative, simple vocabulary was created for you to use with an existing personality testing system or on its own.

NEED: Will use the $5,000 to finish what we started several years ago, pay for trademark legal fees & start a print-on-demand inventory to sell of posters, playing cards, books, and more.

Revise existing book (Why Can't Everyone Be Like Me?) and game to include new artwork. Incorporate new international and national trademarks.

Business Stage: Pre-revenue--finishing products within the next few months. Maps, Welcome Banners, and Awards available end of November 2013.

Where to buy products: End of November 2013, online at or local North Iowa business___________. (several openings exist--go to website for details.)

Where read current version of the book, “Why Can’t Everyone Be Like Me?”—Most North Iowa libraries, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines also.

Seeking: a few key partners/vendors. Clients: Companies wanted for a soft launch beta test. Jobs/Gigs Available: Artist/Graphic Artist for projects. Speakers/Trainers/Counselors for events and product distribution. Vendors: print and/or fulfillment for posters, playing cards, games, books, etc.

Who are the creators of Personality-Ville? We are from North Iowa, both NIACC grads — Lynn Edward Dhondt says, “I’m a data analyst and help with technical things.” Kimberly says, “My family has been in Iowa before it was a state.” She is an author/speaker/teacher/counselor, and former Globe Gazette journalist and Lifestyle columnist.

Who For? – everyone… business, education, personal
Since everyone has a distinct personality, and it affects almost every aspect of life—there is something for everyone. From ages 9 to 90-plus!

How help community? job creation, additional revenue stream for local business – Global spotlight on North Iowa annual event.

What? – unique system – multiple products and Iowa event
Book, games, tests, heraldry family crests, and more!
Online Personality Tests & Social Media Test/Interaction

When? – launch within 3 months—working with several speakers/trainers in Iowa, Georgia, California, other states and the United Kingdom, who are waiting for products!

Where? – company location Mason City, Iowa. Sell Global, emphasis on USA, United Kingdom, Canada, English-speaking countries to start.

Why? – imperative to understand The Natural Laws of Life. To live your best life, you need to know HOW you march to the sound of your internal tempo. Benefits include: good career choice, increased sales, better customer service, wellness programs, etc. On a personal note, it increases self-esteem, promotes understanding/tolerance, improves relationships, and more!


Do you want to bring a spotlight to North Iowa? Vote for a company that has a broad audience market.

Unique – fun music, video, animation, colorful
PR – music, visual, great for TV, radio, and print.

Let's start a revolution that celebrates ALL personality styles!

Thank you for your vote!

I’d love to represent North Iowa as a contender for the winning Iowa state grant for Dream Big Grow Here!

NOTE on IMAGES: The map is the main image of Personality-Ville. This can be customized to incorporate your company and how you refer to each style.

The playing cards: these four cards are the basis of the game--Dragon Drool

Welcome Banner: Example of an introvert's personalized banner that can go on a door in a home, an office door, or cubicle entrance.

Kimberly West--Founder and "Queen" of Personality-Ville