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Dreamer: Lou Ray

Business: Deja Vu Furniture & Accessories

Location: Clinton, IA

Industry Contest: Quad Cities 2013

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Déjà vu Furniture & Accessories was established in August of 2009 by Lou & Michael Ray. We felt there was a need for a consignment store that carried furniture and accessories at a reasonable price. As a non-traditional consignment store we are able to help our consigner in a way no one has before in this area. Consigners no longer have to try to sell their items to people they do not know. No more phone calls, broken appointments or time consuming garage sales. At Déjà vu we price, display, sell and market the items.

We are applying to this generous program so we can afford a large lighted sign to place on our building. We believe a sign will not only bring more business to Déjà vu but also to downtown Clinton. Our building is visible from the Highway 30 Bridge that connects Illinois to Iowa. Thousands of vehicles cross the bridge daily and are at a great viewing point to read a sign promoting not only Déjà vu but the entire downtown.

When we opened Déjà vu a little over 4 years ago I repeatedly heard, “Why would you want to open a store in the downtown area, there is nothing there.” My response was always “we will surprise you!”

As time as passed the majority of the buildings have filled up with some great new businesses, and no longer have I heard the negative commits concerning an empty block in downtown Clinton. I believe that Déjà vu was a big part in making that happen. We don’t want the sign just for our store, we want the sign for the entire downtown. We want those thousands of visitor’s first impression of Iowa to see an outstanding thriving community.

We would be extremely honored to have your vote!
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