“Your Name” Incorporated - Pursue Your Dreams Debt Free Via “Human Capital”

Dreamer: Adam O'Leary

Business: Human Capital

Location: Muscatine, IA

Industry Contest: Quad Cities 2013

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Debt limits people psychologically, socially, and physically…but what if it didn’t? My business eliminates debt, replacing it with equity (stock) and a variable liability (dividends), by turning each client into a private company…and selling stock to “strategic shareholders”. By targeting highly motivated, elite graduate school attendees, the stock sold will fund each candidate’s tuition (including room & board), and the remainder will be used to help each candidate pursue their dreams (start a business, further develop their resumes, etc). Upon graduation, each candidate will graduate debt-free by foregoing a small percentage (<10%) of their future income, which will be distributed to their “strategic shareholders” as a variable dividend.

My business, Human Capital, will only be successful when these highly qualified candidates reach their dreams, which is why we provide each candidate with an independent advisory board, proactive recruitment, brand building/advertising, and agent negotiated salaries. All money received from the Dream Big Grow Here grant competition will be used to legalize and aggressively promote, Human Capital.