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I grew some bigger ears!

by Rob Williams November 12, 2010
While checking out the blogs on my RSS reader, I stumbled upon an article written by Chris Brogan that talked about ‘growing bigger ears’ online. For those of you who don’t know Chris, he is one of the foremost online social communications experts. He owns his own marketing company, New Marketing Labs and has an outstanding blog (you can find it via the link above). The meat of Chris’ article talked about how to better monitor your online brand identity and chatter via Google’s RSS Reader. This resonated with me, especially after attending the Economic Gardening Retreat this past summer. While there, Chris Gibbons spoke about a project that one of his researchers was working on that he coined buzz tracking. The buzz project that he was developing sounded very similar to what Chris Brogan had suggested in his article; that by tracking multiple channels you can determine trends and business opportunities in the marketplace, and gain chances to build be... [More]


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