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The Art of the Start

by Dan Beenken December 30, 2010
My book reco for 2011 So I am in the process of weaning myself off of TV, ok, not all tv, but a bulk of it.  I still need my Parenthood and The Office of course, but after that, it’s time to pick up a book.  To that end, I picked up The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki – an Apple veteran and leader in the blog-o-sphere of entrepreneurial writing.  To this point, I am not what you would call a book worm, so take my advice with a few grains of salt.  But I really liked the style Kawasaki used to go through the start up process.  Much of it is written for tech-based start ups – Silicon Valley style – but quite a bit of it can be translated to anything. A few nuggets I really enjoyed: 1                     Build a Board -  I think many entrepreneurs have some folks to bounce ideas off of – many of them end up being friends an... [More]

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