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Link-O-Rama for 5/20/11

by Dan Beenken May 23, 2011
• As a bootstrapping extraordinaire, I love articles like this• A quick Q and A with Start Up America’s Scott Case• Thanks to Steve Strauss of USA Today for the shameless plug on business incubation• This one has gotten a lot of play from the Times, Yahoo, CNN, etc, but its pretty cool to see that you don’t need much of anything in terms of cash to get a solid business off the ground and making dough.  • Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur – take this quiz first.   Its maybe a little dramatic, but pretty accurate when it’s all said and done.• Before you start, make sure you’ve got a customer or two in mind and you’ll be way ahead of the game.• I’m a big Guy Kawasaki fan, so when I saw this, I was pretty stoked.  He has a nice analogy on bakers and eaters and points on keeping the Hate off your Wall.  • For those still trying to figure ou... [More]

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Staff Blog

Looking for a business plan?

by Rob Williams March 17, 2011
While looking through our Google Analytics, I saw a trend for the keyword 'Business Plan'. Almost every conceivable combination of business plan templates, professional business plans, free business plans, and sample business plans has been used to find MyEntre.Net. Maybe we are not doing a very good job of getting the word out there that we have free business plan examples here on MyEntre.Net? We've got sample business plans for the following specific types of businesses: Business Plan for a Computer Repair Business Business Plan for a Construction Firm Business Plan for a Day Spa Business Plan for a Graphic Design Company Business Plan for a Photography Company Business Plan for a Real Estate Brokerage Business Plan for a Restaurant Business Plan for a Retailer Business Plan for an Internet Cafe Perhaps you are not looking for an example of a business plan, but rather need assistance creating one? There are a number of other resources available to you as an Iowa sma... [More]


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