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Is to make other real estate professionals' dream come true by offering a fan page builder tool.

Dreamer: Matthew Smith Winner


Location: Des Moines, IA

Our business is to provide the Technology and the Training that keeps Real Estate Professionals Relevant. Selling Real Estate in today's market is tough. It is even tougher if you don't have the right tools for the job. This web application will enable agents to build their own fan page through our...

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Listen to great music in your area for free; discover and support local bands.

Dreamer: Jake Kerber

Business: Locusic

Location: Ankeny, IA

Locusic is a music streaming service (like Pandora) for local bands. Listeners open the app, pick a genre and instantly hear music from the local scene - wherever they happen to be. Specifically, Locusic will play music from bands that are based within 50 miles of where the listener is. It will...

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Promote ordinary heroism, support non-profits & local businesses and create a world full of heroes!

Dreamer: Robert Hidajat

Business: bHeroic, Inc.

Location: Ames, IA

bHeroic is a free social game that encourages ordinary heroism by tracking and rewarding heroic acts. - Volunteers like you use bHeroic to find available volunteer opportunities (quests) when you have some spare time. You can also see whether any of your friends are already signed up for a specific...

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Bring to market a mobile WEB app store for apps that work on all mobile smartphones

Dreamer: Matthew Nuzum

Business: SquareTap

Location: Ankeny, IA

Currently mobile apps have to be made specifically for each type of mobile phone. An app for an iPhone won't work on an Android or a Blackberry. We had this problem with the whole "Mac vs PC" debate. Now a lot of the apps we use on our computers run in the web browser (like Gmail, Facebook and twitter)....

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Make transactions easier for attorneys and clients.

Dreamer: Drew Larson

Business: Finalize It, LLC

Location: Ames, IA

Finalize It is a cloud based project management service that helps lawyers coordinate and manage negotiations and documents in complex merger, acquisition, and financing transactions. If we were to win the contest, we would use the funds to accelerate our marketing at launch, which we expect in late...

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Empower people by facilitating the introductions they need.

Dreamer: Mike Templeton

Business: Introvio

Location: Ankeny, IA

Introvio is an introduction platform that connects people by way of personal recommendations and endorsements. The website focuses on need-based networking and leverages the trusted relationships of others to facilitate connections. Whether it's someone looking for a job, a mentor, or a sales lead,...

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Create a website that combines travel directions with fuel stops, so you can estimate costs.

Dreamer: Ciara Vesey


Location: Des Moines, IA

I want to create a website that maps out directions and allows the consumer to view fuel stations along the route so that they can estimate the costs of traveling by car. Once they have estimated the cost of traveling by car, my site would also have links to airfare, train, and bus websites so that the...

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