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Expand our Professional Services & Provide "Idea Exchange" Sessions for Small Business Incubation

Dreamer: Joel Bennett Winner

Business: Veel Hoeden

Location: Pella, IA

Veel Hoeden- 1) Dutch for “Many Hats”. 2) A reference to a collection of entrepreneurs who work in different fields, have different backgrounds, and as small business people, are required to be experts in many fields (or wear “many hats”). 3) The co-working location in Pella, Iowa, “where Many Hats...

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Sponsored by the Iowa Bankers Association

Iowa Bankers Association Logo

Help make Molly Long Photography a bigger and better business!

Dreamer: Molly Long

Business: Molly Long Photography

Location: Marshalltown, IA

I have been in business a little over a year now. I have wonderful clients and I want to be better able to serve their needs by investing further into education and equipment. This grant would allow me to purchase backdrops and upgrade camera and lighting equipment. I am constantly striving to offer...

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Improve The Customer Service Experience At The Computer Guy!

Dreamer: Patrick Palmer

Business: The Computer Guy

Location: Hampton, IA

What I'm planning on doing for the shop would be two fold: First, a new door with a window in it that fits a little better than the current door. I need to see customers when they approach the store if their hands are full. A new door would also help the drafts that come in at the current time....

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Build an indoor riding arena for Strides

Dreamer: Kelly Decious

Business: Strides Therapy Center

Location: Tracy, IA

Strides Therapy Center takes an "Out of the box approach for out of the ordinary results!" We serve children, primarily, with a variety of disabilities. We have traditional Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy services and are also able to use horses in our treatment....something called hippotherapy....

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My dream is to expand Rivercity Pilates into a beautiful,larger studio space!

Dreamer: Carey Sadler

Business: Rivercity Pilates LLC

Location: North Liberty, IA

My dream for Rivercity Pilates is to be able to move into a larger studio space that is serene and full of natural lighting. I want to create an inviting space that clients will really enjoy! The larger space will allow me to buy more equipment and teach more small group equipment classes and mat classes....

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Eat and Be Merry! Preparing fresh and nutritious meals for families and the elderly.

Dreamer: Britney Bakken

Business: Eat and Be Merry

Location: Decorah, IA

I want to provide the service of cooking fresh and nutritious meals for families and elderly, focusing on local and organic products. While working with elderly and people with disabilities, in their homes, I transformed my cooking style and my relationship with food. I realized how imperative it was...

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By starting the Bookstore Connection, a resource management service for independent retail stores.

Dreamer: John Desaulniers, Jr

Business: The Bookstore Connection

Location: Mingo, IA

The Bookstore Connection will service independent Christian product retailers first regionally then nationwide in three key areas of store health and management. In stage one, the Bookstore Connection will manage social media marketing on behalf of independent stores. Moving brick-and-mortar marketing...

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Purchase commercial equipment for expansion.

Dreamer: Kathy Finholt

Business: Kathy's Kakes, LLC

Location: Independence, IA

After 19 years in business Kathy's Kakes, LLC is moving to a larger space. A grant would help purchase larger commercial equipment and allow me to eventually hire another employee.

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I am a start up manufacturer of personal care cosmetic items

Dreamer: Ken Haney

Business: Kahuna Enterprises

Location: Norwalk, IA

Hello all. I am a start up manufacturer and repackager of skin care cosmetic products. I would like to gain some capital to purchase ingredients and packaging materials on a larger scale to improve/increase my product line. I currently have capital for my flagship product but would like to offer at least...

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My Dream is to be able to create a business that continues to help other businesses succeed.

Dreamer: Doug Drees

Business: TargetClick Marketing Solutions

Location: Cedar Falls, IA

I started TargetClick Marketing because I saw an opportunity to help small businesses with their online marketing. After working for 2 large agencies who only serviced larger companies with large budgets, I realized that there was a need for an agency that could help small to mid-size companies with...

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Grow my business to fulfill all rental needs and to help people achieve their Dream Wedding!

Dreamer: Michelle Dickerson

Business: Decorative Expressions Rental

Location: Des Moines, IA

Decorative Expressions Rental is new to the Des Moines area. We have several items available to rent for both wedding ceremonies and receptions at an affordable price. Problem is, we need more inventory and items to rent out. With minimal advertising, thus far, we have already secured a few rentals for...

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My dream is to buy equipment to offer creative options to better meet the needs of my customers.

Dreamer: Jane Scott

Business: ArTrends

Location: Waterloo, IA

ArTrends is my video production and digital photography business that’s new in Cedar Valley. I’ve always had a passion for visual communication. If you know me, then you know that I always carry a camera and am taking pictures. I’d love to continue to improve and expand ArTrends. With this money I will...

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Enlarge Client List With National Marketing Campaign Providing Free Services to At-Risk Youth

Dreamer: Travis Lloyd

Business: Changing Lives Entertainment, LLC

Location: Des Moines, IA

Hey, check out my BIG DREAM video!

I have been a paid professional speaker for at-risk teens and child welfare professionals for 3 years and I want to be able to inspire more audiences with a profitable speaking agency....

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To be a successful business owner by creating the best clothing brand.

Dreamer: Daepian Apparel

Business: Daepian Apparel

Location: Tama, IA

Daepian Apparel is a clothing brand, specifically T-shirt design. Daepian is a Native American owned and operated business. Daepian is an acronym meaning: Drive Ambition Empowerment Progression In All Natives. Daepian graphics are inspired by Native culture, but also has many other influences as well,...

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My dream is to share my photography with others through note cards

Dreamer: Anita Hardy

Business: FRAME THIS

Location: Shell Rock, IA

I have a large personal collection of exclusive pictures of Iowa, including nature, garden, historical sites, and unusual pictures from the "back forty" that I like to share with others. I have an eye for interesting subjects and have won ribbons with my photography at the Butler County Fair. Anyone...

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Help get intoxicated driver off the roads.

Dreamer: Doug Podhajsky

Business: Drivers On CAll

Location: Grimes, IA

I would love some help in paying for the insurance. It is a very expensive liability policy because I am driving people home in their own cars. Thank you

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offer quality products to get kids started with learning and development to help them succeed.

Dreamer: Benedict Blum

Business: Blum Global Solutions Inc

Location: George, IA

As we watch our own grandchildren grow it is a good starting point to know that there needs to be a place that offers a variety and quality tools to enhance their opportunites for learning. We want to help provide those tools to parents, grandparents, daycares, schools and any other organizations.

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We would love to expand our studio by getting more Pilates equipment.

Dreamer: Nicky Miller


Location: Cedar Falls, IA

My name is Nicky and my husband, Jack and I opened our Pilates studio May of this year. This is the first Pilates studio in this area. Opening this studio was a dream of ours. To benefit our clientle we would love to purchase another Pilates reformer. We would then be able to work with two people...

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