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Afton Fitness Center

Dreamer: Laura Tallmon

Business: Afton Fitness Center

Location: Afton, IA

My dream is to bring a fitness center to my hometown, Afton. As a full time nurse and a mother of two I have experienced first hand how difficult it is to find the time to schedule regular exercise into my life, living in a rural community where the closest fitness facility is at least ten miles down...

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We’re making our mark in Mount Ayr!

Dreamer: Brad Elliott Winner

Business: Podium Ink

Location: Mount Ayr, IA

Location, location, location. What was once a dictating factor in a business model became an opportunity for Podium Ink in Mount Ayr, Iowa. Led by young entrepreneurs Brad Elliott and Burton Murphy, our graphic design firm addresses untapped local and virtual markets - direct from Small Town, USA. We...

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Dreaming Big in Creston,IA

Dreamer: Christy Whited

Business: Upper Crust Culinary Creations

Location: Creston, IA

Upper Crust Culinary Creations is a boutique bakery located in uptown Creston, Ia. In business just over 2 years, we are ready to expand to the next step in our business plan and offer frozen meals and desserts to go. The grant money would be used to: 1. Replace a 1960's style freezer (that...

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YOU Sew and Sew!

Dreamer: Pam Sherman

Business: Sew and Sew, ETC.

Location: Lamoni, IA

I would like to open a quilt shop in Lamoni. Several years ago Lamoni was known as Iowa's Quilt City. For the past thirty years Lamoni has had a quilt shop. We have been without one for the past two years. The closest place to buy good fabric is Creston or Des Moines. My dream would be to find an...

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To re-purpose and up-cycle junk so pieces may find a home rather than end up in a landfill.

Dreamer: Sheila O'Riley

Business: She-Nae's Rescued and Renewed

Location: Creston, IA

She-Nae’s Rescued and Renewed (Décor for Home and Garden) is owned by Sheila O’Riley and Rene` Foster. Our mission is to rescue pieces from the trash or landfill and to remake it to give it a new purpose (re-purpose) or give it a new updated finish (up-cylcle). We do our own pieces, as well as, provide...

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PLAY POSSE Helping Many Become Strongest Version of Themselves

Dreamer: Chris Doster

Business: PLAY POSSE

Location: Mount Ayr, IA

The PLAY POSSE (PP) is bringing the big city fitness craze of CrossFit to the rural areas of South Central Iowa. CrossFit is a style of fitness that uses a combination of body weight exercises, cardiovascular training, and weight lifting. All WODs (workout of the day) are tailored to an individuals physical...

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Speeding back to the Heartland to share our love of vintage motorcycles, parts, and accessories.

Dreamer: Brian Naylor

Business: Speed Moto Company

Location: Lamoni, IA

Speed Moto started ten years ago as a dream coupled with a fifteen hundred dollar tax return in the rolling hills of Southern Iowa. The business was started by literally digging old motorcycles out of ditches and tearing them down to sell the much needed parts for others to use restoring their vintage...

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Defy Gravity

Dreamer: Leslie Tyler

Business: LDE Inc dba Leslie's Dance Emporium

Location: Creston, IA

Our motto is "Helping Dreams Come True". We build self confidence, leadership and strength through dance and tumbling instruction. We are celebrating our 35th season of providing professional education in all areas of dance and tumbling for students in South Central Iowa. LDE has taught several thousand...

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Dream Big - Hope Grows Here!

Dreamer: Nick Cattell

Business: Country Cabins

Location: Chariton, IA

I would first like to thank all of the sponsors of the Dream Big - Grow Here contest. This is one of the only grants that I have ever seen that actually is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs of for-profit businesses. What a great way to encourage people to do their best and to to expand their...

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Alley Diesel Performance New Business Startup

Dreamer: Cole Alley

Business: Alley Diesel Performance

Location: Corydon, IA

Business Plan I am starting a new business in Corydon, Iowa. This money will help with the startup cost of the building and shop supplies. I have lived in Wayne County my whole life and I want to help my town and community grow. A. Company Overview Alley Diesel Performance is located in...

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ShowStockPlanet LLC Complete Online Livestock Marketing Solutions

Dreamer: Noll Ernst

Business: ShowStockPlanet

Location: Woodburn, IA, IA

ShowStockPlanet LLC is an online livestock auction company owned by Noll Ernst and Ryan Habeger. We host online sales for livestock producers so they can receive maximum exposure and top dollar for their animals. Our customers are cattle and sheep producers who raise high quality livestock, bred to be...

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