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My dream is to provide a fun and educational musical experience to people of all ages.

Dreamer: Dustin Baird

Business: Sumner Lesson Studios

Location: Creston, IA

I have been teaching music lessons professionally for 5 years in the Des Moines area. My areas of specialty include guitar, bass, drums, group lessons and rock band classes. Currently I only have the capacity to teach individual lessons in my Creston studio. I would like to expand the studio...

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To be a superstar "junker." To recreate, to repurpose, to recycle and to resell in Southern Iowa.

Dreamer: Devy Combs Winner

Business: The Chicken Sisters

Location: Lamoni, IA

The Chicken Sisters have been peddling repurposed product at vendor shows, in my living room, and on fb for two years. We are ready to have a physical location and further develop our business. We would use the money to find/build a storefront in Southern Iowa.

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Is to make Chariton a shopping hub locally and a retail tourist destination.

Dreamer: Samuel Felderman

Business: Ben Franklin

Location: Chariton Ia, IA

Chariton Ben Franklin is a five-and-dime store founded in 1935. I am 21 years old and am the current owner of this great business. We are working hard to help Chariton to become a tourist area and I would like to have Ben Franklin become a local shopping destination. Ben Franklin is located on the...

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To share our love of baking - through classes,everyday sweet treat essentials,& special orders

Dreamer: Christy Whited

Business: Upper Crust Culinary Creations

Location: Creston, IA

Not your grandma's bakery, we offer breakfast, lunch and catering as well special occasion cakes, breads, pastries, and sweet treats too numerous to mention. Our convection oven was made in 1973 and is terminal. We also need to replace an antique freezer that has the door held shut by a tarp strap. If...

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Provide high quality low priced produce year round to local buyers.

Dreamer: Autumn Fraker

Business: Fraker's Organic Gardens

Location: Garden Grove, IA

My business will plant, grow, harvest produce and harvest the seeds to replant and grow. It will provide grocery stores, restaurants and customers with high quality, low priced produce year round. Instead of buying that high priced tomato in the winter that came from Mexico; you will buy my locally organically...

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Own my own dance studio and provide quality dance instruction to the Winterset community.

Dreamer: Nicole Eckles

Business: Winterset Ballet and Dance Studio, LLC

Location: Winterset, IA

My studio offers dance classes for ages 2-adult. For 2-4 year olds the class is with the parents and is just for fun. Ages 4-high school are in an end of the school year ballet and recital. Ballet is required for all my students until they reach high school so that everyone learns the strong foundation...

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Refurbish soda fountain and implement new wave marketing strategies

Dreamer: Stacey Ray

Business: Adams Street Espresso & Soda Shoppe

Location: Creston, IA

Adams Street Espresso & Soda Shoppe serves specialty coffee drinks, hard ice cream, malts/shakes, pastries, light breakfast and lunches, smoothies and Iowa Wines. We also provide local musical entertainment, local art displays, free wi-fi and plenty of room for meetings or private parties. Day to...

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Serve my customers the best Italian food they ever had.

Dreamer: Frank and Whitney Nucaro

Business: Taste of Italy

Location: Creston, IA

We are a food service company that sells Italian food, pastries and coffee. We are applying to help pay for down payment on our business.

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To upgrade our equipment so our business can keep up with growing demand.

Dreamer: Chance Porter

Business: Porter's Prints

Location: Osceola, IA

We offer custom screen printed and embroidered apparel along with custom banners, signs and decals. Porter's Prints would use the money towards equipment and facility expansion. We are growing at a very rapid rate and are about to outgrow our current location and need to upgrade our equipment so we...

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expand our office to add a showroom and renovate the rest of our building.

Dreamer: Melissa Driskell

Business: Winterstien Construction, LLC

Location: Creston, IA

We currently sell new homes in a seven county area in southwest/south central Iowa. We provide a panelized housing system allowing our customers to be in their homes typically in 90 days or less from the time the panels arrive on site. We offer a turnkey approach to our customers and try to make the...

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My dream is to create a destination within the community, and bring the gourmet into the every day.

Dreamer: Tacy Riddle

Business: Custom Confections

Location: Osceola, IA

Custom Confections is a home based cake and pastry shop, dedicated to creating gourmet baked goods that people can purchase every day. I am applying because as the owner and sole employee, things can get complicated. My business has really grown within the past few years and I would like to be able to...

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Grow my candle business until I out-grow my home and move to a store-front location.

Dreamer: Lorrie Scrivner


Location: LEON, IA

I recycle wine bottles into beautiful candles, windchimes and lights. My business is unique in that there are very few businesses that use recycled wine bottles as the container for their products. The candles are my main line and they are very labor intensive. First, I use a wet tile saw to cut the...

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expand to include towing and road service

Dreamer: Joseph Van Syoc

Business: Joseph's Automotive

Location: murray, IA

I am a general auto repair shop in a rural town of about 800. I would like to offer towing and road service, and would use the money towards the purchase of a used wrecker

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